Nacho Ormaechea’s Art connect different worlds

Spanish photographer Nacho Ormaechea creates these surreal photo collages by combining different sceneries and switching the human subjects of the photographs with other visual elements in the shape of a silhouette.     Just as if he were opening a window into another world, his beautiful collages connect the different ambiences and settings creating a powerful and striking visual work of […]


Inspirational photography featuring geometric architecture as a portrait background

Be inspired by these stunning people portraits and their incredible backgrounds (taken by Spanish photographers Daniel Rueda and Anna Devís Benet) which are created with geometric elements found in the architecture and streets from all around the world. They really make the subjects pop out! When you are planning to take a portrait, you should choose […]


This team has recreated famous paintings with a model, tons of makeup and no Photoshop

Bella Grigoryants and Andrey Kezzyn make a great creative team and have worked together into a project called “Into the canvas”. In said project, they have partnered up with models and used makeup to transform them into walking paintings.   In the photographs, they tried to capture somehow the universe inside a classical painting, where they felt like […]