Layered paper sculptures of athletes for an Olympic mood!

Raya Sader Bujana is a Spanish paper artist living in Barcelona. Her goal was to convey movement by using paper, and with this material has she modeled sculptures of athletes as a part of her project.

02a (5)

Some of the figures, she says, have around 150 paper pieces and up to 500 separators between them. In her paper sculpture collection you can find many of the sports that are featured in the Olympic games: synchronized swimming, gymnastics and pole vault. You can find also tennis and soccer, and a highly detailed figure of a cyclist.

02b (6)

The many hours of work behind this project definitely have paid off for her, she says, after having hand cut and assembled the stunning pieces together.

02c (6)

If the intention was to portray movement, it works perfectly. The figures look elegant in white, but still lively and just as if they were about to run away from her hands!

02d (2)

She has shared her project here, and you can find more information on her Instagram account.