Japanese Barista makes the cutest Latte art for clients

Kazuki Yamamoto is a barista from Tokyo, Japan, who is becoming quite known for his beautiful creations in the form of latte art. With tools like a toothpick and a spoon, he creates true tiny sculptures on top of the coffees.


Coffee art, particularly latte art, has become quite popular in the last few years, but this is taking it to a whole another level! Creating foam sculptures of bears, dogs, cats and all sort of beautiful animals and characters (like Snoopy or Totoro), he decorates the cups of his clients every day.



He dreams of opening his own cafe someday, but meanwhile he will just keep on creating these astonishing foamy sculptures for his happy clients and almost 200,000 Twitter followers. Not only that, but he also creates manga-like illustrations sometimes. So beautiful! 🙂

You can find his daily coffee art on Twitter.

H/t DesignFaves