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Creative works done by artists over the world

Layered paper sculptures of athletes for an Olympic mood!

Raya Sader Bujana is a Spanish paper artist living in Barcelona. Her goal was to convey movement by using paper, and with this material has she modeled sculptures of athletes as a part of her project. Some of the figures, she says, have around 150 paper pieces and up to 500 separators between them. In her paper sculpture collection you can find many of the sports […]


Nacho Ormaechea’s Art connect different worlds

Spanish photographer Nacho Ormaechea creates these surreal photo collages by combining different sceneries and switching the human subjects of the photographs with other visual elements in the shape of a silhouette.     Just as if he were opening a window into another world, his beautiful collages connect the different ambiences and settings creating a powerful and striking visual work of […]


Jaw-dropping sculptures made with just plain old cardboard

Monami Ohno has been making cardboard sculptures since 2011, but the level of mastery which she makes these three dimension sculptures is unbelievable, since all that most need is a coat of paint to pass for the real thing! They say that someone’s trash is another’s treasure, but of course who would have imagined that someone had the […]


Whoh!! It's not a wedding gown, but a gigantic cake!

What do you imagine could happen when a dress designer and a cake baker team up together to create something artistic? Of course, the result must be something as visually striking as delicious, isn’t it right?     Mak Tumang is a Philippines-based fashion designer who specializes in couture and bridal gowns, while Emma Jayne is […]


Any Body Can Design - Graphics Design Training Program by CanCreaTe

A Professional Training Program for Creative Graphics Designing Powered by Canvas Creative Technologies Here you will learn Commercial Graphics Designing in most innovative & easiest ways and start your creative career even from home!! Unlike other institute’s courses, ABCD is a Training Program where you will learn not only Designing Tools but also how to use […]